Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach - Johann Sebastian Bach - pianoforte

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Codice prodotto: HN349
Autore: Johann Sebastian Bach
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Editore: Henle Verlag
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Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach - Johann Sebastian Bach - pianoforte

Bach gave his wife Anna Magdalena two handwritten books of music. The second one is of particular value with its gilt-edged, vellum-covered binding. In this little book of 1725 he noted down numerous piano works in the most different styles both his own and by other composers. The Henle Urtext edition, which incidentally is one of our bestselling titles, faithfully reproduces the complete contents of this manuscript, aside from the movements from the "French Suites" (HN 71) und "Partitas" (HN 28) in the notebook, which can be found elsewhere in the Henle catalogue. It is also an example of beautiful engraving by hand.Songlist

1. Aria Aus 'Goldberg Variationen' BWV 988
2. Aria 'Bist Du Bei Mir' BWV 508
3. Aria Di Giovannini 'Willst Du Dein Herz Mir Schenken' BWV 518
4. Aria 'Gedenke Doch, Mein Geist, Zurucke' BWV 509
5. Aria 'Schlummert Ein, Ihr Matten Augen' BWV 82
6. Aria 'So Oft Ich Meine Tobackspfeife' BWV 515
7. Aria 'Warum Betrubst Du Dich' BWV 516
8. Choral 'Schaff's Mit Mir, Gott' BWV 514
9. Chorale BWV 510
10. Chorale BWV 511
11. Chorale BWV 512
12. Chorale BWV 691
13. Chorale 'Dir, Dir, Jehova, Will Ich Singen' BWV 299
14. Chorale 'O Ewigkeit, Du Donnerwort' BWV 513
15. French Suite In C Minor BWV 813
16. French Suite In D Minor BWV 812
17. Marche BWV Anh.124
18. Marche BWV Anh.127
19. Menuet BWV Anh.113
20. Menuet BWV Anh.114
21. Menuet BWV Anh.115
22. Menuet BWV Anh.116
23. Menuet BWV Anh.118
24. Menuet BWV Anh.120
25. Menuet BWV Anh.121
26. Menuet BWV Anh.122
27. Menuet BwV Anh.132
28. Menuet Fait Par Mons. Bohm
29. Musette BWV Anh.126
30. Partita In A Minor BWV 827
31. Partita In E Minor BWV 830
32. Polonaise BWV Anh.117
33. Polonaise BWV Anh.119
34. Polonaise BWV Anh.123
35. Polonaise BWV Anh.125
36. Polonaise BWV Anh.128
37. Polonaise BWV Anh.130
38. Prelude Aus 'Well-Tempered Clavier I' BWV 846
39. Recitative 'Ich Habe Genug' BWV 82
40. Rondeau BWV Anh.183
41. Satz In F BWV Anh.131
42. Solo Per Il Cembalo BWV Anh.129

Pag: 60
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