Jazz Accordion Vol. 2 + CD - Frank Marocco - Fisarmonica

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Autore: Frank Marocco
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Jazz Accordion Vol. 2 + CD - Frank Marocco - Fisarmonica

Arrangements came from many accordion players who are fans of my music. I have always written music for myself, mostly jazz arrangements for different groups that I played with through the years, but until I took on a few studentsin recent years, I realized there was not much interesting music for them to play. They heard some of my recordings, the solo one's especially and asked me to write arrangements that were not too diffcult but had some of the moremodern Harmonies that I use in my playing and a little more sophisticated musically. They especially wanted some of the great standards or "Evergreens". I started writing and found that I enjoyed it and received much goodfeedbackfrom everyone. I hope you enjoy this Book. Frank Marocco

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