25 Exercices journaliers - Hyacinthe-Eléonore Klosé

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Autore: Hyacinthe-Eléonore Klosé
Editore: Alphonse Leduc
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25 Exercices journaliers - Hyacinthe-Eléonore Klosé

This new publication of 25 Daily Exercises by Hyacinthe Klosé (1808-1880) has been revised by Marcel Mule (1901-2001).
This set of exercises can be used by beginners as well asmore intermediate/advanced players and is an absolute essential to develop your speed, technique and articulations. Each exercise is approximately one-page long.
Few directions are given in the book, which leave you free todecide how to practise these 25 exercises: at different speeds, with different articulations, in the 12 different keys or without the octave keys.

Hyacinth Klosé (1808-1880) is a French Clarinetplayer,composer and professor at the Conservatoire de Paris. He took part in the conception of the Boehm Clarinet system. He became Clarinet soloist at the Théatre Italien in 1847.

Marcel Mule (1901-2001) isone of the greatest French Saxophonists, renowned worldwide for his work on the classical Saxophone repertoire. He was also a professor at the Conservatoire de Paris.