Harmony for Classical Guitar - Dusan Bogdanovic - Chitarra Classica

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Autore: Dusan Bogdanovic
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Harmony for Classical Guitar - Dusan Bogdanovic - Chitarra Classica

Harmony for Classical Guitar written by Dusan Bogdanovic has been conceived as a comprehensive theoretical and practical guide for guitarists interested in deepening their knowledge of traditional harmony starting from the fundamentals up to and including the impressionist period. In addition to the general subjects, the book offers many exercises for practicing different types of chords with their inversions, modulations, progressions, ornamentation and others. While most examples come from the classical guitar literature, the book can be used by performers, composers and improvisers from a wide cross-section of contemporary styles.

Described as a musical world-builder («Gitarre & Laute»), composer/guitarist Dusan Bogdanovic has developed a personal synthesis of contemporary classical, improvisatory and world music. As a soloist and in collaboration with various artists, Dusan has toured extensively throughout Europe, United States and Japan. He has over two hundred published works, including a variety of commissions for solo guitar, chamber ensembles and orchestra, as well as numerous recordings. Following are some reviews of Dusan Bogdanovic's writings:

[Counterpoint for Guitar with Improvisation in the Renaissance Style] offers excellent descriptions and musical examples explaining species counterpoint in two and three voices? My recommendation is that any serious guitarist/teacher/performer/composer with an academic interest in teaching counterpoint should have this book as an important reference or method.

«Classical Guitar Magazine»

Your book [Ex Ovo-A Guide for Perplexed Composers and Improvisers] is very rich and it would take too long to tell you everything that has impressed and given me food for thought. I will simply say that I consider your first text to be a remarkable synthesis. In fact your approach is at the same time that of a musician, a teacher, a structuralist, a sociologist, a philosopher and? a humanist. That's a lot of talent brought together in one man.

Simha Arom

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