Cello Time Runners (Second Edition) - Violoncello - Kathy e David Blackwell

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Autore: Kathy e David Blackwell
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Editore: Oxford University Press
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Cello Time Runners (Second Edition) - Violoncello - Kathy e David Blackwell

for cello Cello Time Runners is the second book in the popular Cello Time series, which is enjoyed by students and teachers all over the world. It contains Kathy and David Blackwell's trademark attractive and engaging compositions that appeal to learners of all ages.


1. Start The Show
2. Banyan Tree
3. Heat Haze
4. Medieval Tale
5. Chase in the Dark
6. Spy movie
7. Romani band
8. Busy Day
9. On The Go!
10. That's How It Goes!
11. Blue Whale
12. Mean Street Chase
13. Allegretto [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]
14. Cornish May Song
15. Noel [Daquin]
16. Prelude from 'Te Deum' [Charpentier]
17. Paris cafe
18. Starry Night
19. Cello Time rag
20. Caribbean Sunshine
21. Jacob's dance
22. Song from the show
23. The road to Donegal
24. Cat's Eyes
25. Mexican Fiesta
26. Summer Evening
27. Extension rock
28. Show off!
29. You and Me
30. One Day
31. Aerobics!
32. Hungarian folk dance
33. Show stopper
34. Farewell to Skye

Pag: 32